STARCAMP 2023 – Covid 19 Guidelines 

  • Guidelines: We will be following all guidelines advised by NPHET and published by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) and the HSE that are in place at time of camp.


  • Covid Officer: Every camp will have a designated Covid officer. They will ensure all necessary hygiene and other guidelines are adhered to in relation to Covid-19. If any staff member or child at camp is displaying symptoms, they will follow our procedure to ensure the safe isolation of the individual until it is possible for them to go home. A mask will be provided on site for any person who is displaying symptoms. Those potentially affected will be advised to phone their GP and follow their GP’s medical guidance. Starcamp will complete an incident report and comply with any HSE contact tracing requests.


  • Outdoors & Activities: Starcamp has a completely new program to allow each days activities to take place outdoors.The camps may need to be suspended for the day in the event of bad weather. This is necessary to adhere to Government guidelines. If the weather becomes inclement for a sustained period of time we may have to contact you to collect your child early. No refund will be given.


  • Reduced Camps and Camp Capacity: The number of children permitted at each of our camp venues will be reduced in order to achieve the best social distancing practices amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We are running less than a quarter of our total number of camps to ensure that each one is extremely well managed.


  • Reduced group sizes:Children will be allocated their group on the first morning and they will remain with this group for the duration of camp with the same camp leader. Groups will not inter-mix with other groups. No exceptions are permitted.


  • Hand Hygiene and Sanitisation: We will provide a hand sanitizing station which children/staff will have easy access to. We will request that everyone also bring their own supply of hygiene products including hand sanitizer for their own personal use. Children will be supervised on toilet breaks to ensure that proper hand hygiene is being followed. Toilets and other hot spots such as door handles will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.


  • Contactless drop off/collection: We will implement a staggered drop off and collection. We aim for this to be carried out in a contactless format. Drop off times – 9:45 / 10:00am Collection times –  2:15 / 2:30pm. This is in order to protect parents, children and staff (when the venue layout allows). You must stick to your allocated arrival time. Parents will be notified by email the week before the camp with their drop off time.


  • Parental Access: Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the camp venue unannounced at any time during the camp day. If they must return to the camp venue during the day, they must first phone our office to arrange this.


  • Personal Belongings: We will require all personal belongings to be labelled, including water bottles, lunch boxes and bags.

Any parent, child or staff member who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 prior to camp or outside of camp hours should not attend Starcamp.

  • In conclusion, we are fully aware that this has been a challenging and a confusing period for everyone and that getting life back to some form of normality is of huge benefit to us all. We believe that we at STARCAMP Summer Camps can play a strong role in returning children to this normality. Extra practices for health and safety are now necessary to keep us all safe and well, but we aim to integrate these practices into the fun, engaging and exciting experience that we will continue to deliver at our summer camps.

We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.