Caroline Grace Cassidy – Author and Actress


“My daughter Maggie (10), it’s her 3rd year going and she absolutely adores it (my older daughter went for years too but she’s now a teen)! She runs in, hopping and skipping every morning and the team could not be nicer. The attention to each individual child is absolutely second to none, they really get to know who the children are and they go out of their way to help them in their little differences. She always makes loads of new friends there because it’s just so inclusive. The range of activities that they do in the five days are just incredible. I just feel so SAFE sending her into STARCAMP which is so important to me. I just cannot say enough good about it.”

Ramona Nicholas – Dragons’ Den, sent her son Alex to the Sligo STARCAMP and she has this to say….

”My son Alex has always been interested in music since he was little, so when I met Aideen of Starcamp on Dragons’ Den, I was extremely excited! After speaking to Aideen, Alex was able to attend the camp last Summer in Sligo. We made the trip every day from Donegal and as the week went on, Alex had me dancing and singing with him every evening. It brought so much fun into our home! He had just turned 4 that May, and it was literally overnight that I saw a major transformation in his confidence and social skills. He ran from the car to camp every day, not knowing one other person there, and on the final day when we got to see their performance, I was the proudest mummy in the room!. Alex started school in September, and I really feel his experience at Starcamp made that transition so much easier for him. Even to this day when he hears the songs that he learnt at Starcamp, he begins to sing and dance to them. I would highly recommend Starcamp to a child of any age, it has so many advantages it feels like every child should have the chance to attend one of the camps! We’re certainly looking forward to this Summers camp again and hopefully some day we’ll see a Starcamp in Donegal! From a business perspective, I think Aideen has come up with something extremely special and I have no doubt that it will continue to be a national success”

Rachel Allen (TV Chef, Cook & Author)

Hi Tricia and all at Starcamp,
 I’d love to say a huge big thank you to you and your brilliant team at Starcamp. My daughter Scarlett Lily took part in STARCAMP this week and she really enjoyed it. I found all the teachers to be so kind and encouraging to the children, and they all put on such a great show at the end!
 Thanks again, kind regards,
 Rachel Allen

Pamela Flood (TV Presenter)

My little man had his 1st day at the FANTASTIC STARCAMP today! He absolutely LOVED IT! Well done to all. STARCAMP really does live up to its incredible reputation. It is the must do Summer camp for all children. It’s not like any other. Thanks guys.

Dear Aideen and all at Starcamp,

I just wanted to convey my sincere thanks to you and the crew for yet another amazing camp! Ríain and Doireann thoroughly enjoyed this year’s camp and ran out every day with exciting stories of each days events. Ríain loved his role as Bugsy Malone while Doireann the nurse enjoyed running on and off stage smiling as she helped the injured . The summer camp is professionally run and the children’s safety was assuring! My two, loved interacting with all the other children, as was encouraged and there was a great sense of inclusion which I must attribute to the 3 leaders who made every child feel welcome each morning. I don’t know how the girls achieve so much in a few short days. It is also great to see boys attending this summer camp as they are not always sport camp fans. This is a welcome alternative and even the starting point for the Pierce Brosnan’s of the future!!

Thank you so much,
Hope to see you next year,
Susan O’Flynn

FAO: Aideen, Gretta and all at Starcamp,

I am writing to thank you and your staff on providing an excellent summer camp recently in Bandon. My daughter attended your summer camp last week, and although she asked to go and was looking forward to it I was nervous she would be shy and would not enjoy it. She was apprehensive when she arrived and I thought I’d made a mistake booking her in. I waited on the first day for the call to collect her but instead received a text to say she was really enjoying herself. This helped me to relax. When she came home the first day she was so excited about all the new songs and dances and put on a little show of what she learned that day. The following morning I expected her to ask not to go but she was bursting to go!

Emma and Grace were fantastic with her, encouraging her and praising her all of the time. She had a smile on her face all week and can’t wait to go again next year. The show on Friday was fantastic; we were so proud of her and it meant so much to us to see her so confident, happy and ‘at home’ on that stage. We are thoroughly delighted with the entire experience and wish you every success in your business.

Kind regards,
Elaine Moore

Subject: Starcamp Summer camps

Good morning

Just a quick email to inform you that I have an 8 year old boy attending your Starcamp Summer Camp this week. My reasons for sending him was determined by your advertisement – ‘help to develop self esteem in boys and girls’ , To say he is having a “ball” would be an understatement, he would be a timid enough little boy but through the help of the two girls, Mary and Carol (I think that is their names) has met new children and has definitely been encouraged to make new friends. He went into this camp not knowing anybody attending but has met new children and is extremely happy. The two girls facilitating the camp have a very friendly manner and encourage the children to partake in all of the activities. It is the most professional, well-run and exciting thing that has been on offer to children that I have ever seen.

I certainly will be promoting this summer camp to my friends for their children. Once again Congratulations and continued success with your camp.

Jackie Burns
Failte Ireland North West

Dear Starcamp,

Following “the big performance” in Clonmel on Friday, I wanted to write to let you know that some of us parents were gathered and were in absolute awe at what had been achieved with the children in 5 days at your camp. We know that it was no broadway show, but the children could not have been happier.

We all were eager to let you know that we cannot thank you enough. My daughter came home like a new child every afternoon, a happy little person full of confidence. The general consensus was that we wished you could bottle it and sell it!

I will be spreading the word between now and next year (assuming ytou’ll be back!). Teresa has been looking at the flier to see if there are any other locations she can attend. (She asked if I would drive her to Killarney!!) Please let us know next years dates as soon as they are available,

Thanks to you and the leaders so much again,
Mary O’Sullivan