Are you looking for a fun Virginia summer camp in 2018?

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Solitaire A Song for Childline on RTE’s elev8

Virginia Summer Camp 2019, Drama Camp, Childrens Camp

Our Virginia summer Camp aims to instil confidence and self-esteem in all boys and girls through praise and recognition.

We bring out the very best in all who participate in a non-competitive performing environment at our Virginia summer Camp! We have advancing programmes for Starcamp Superstars (9-12).

At our Virginia summer Camp 2019 we have an open door policy and we aim everything we do at ALL boys and girls of ALL levels. It offers endless opportunities in the performing arena while endeavouring to transform your children into the most confident, self-assured, conscientious and caring children that they can be in preparation for life.

STARCAMPS’ Summer Camps are running nationwide since 2007. They have won numerous awards and in 2013 successfully secured backing on Ireland’s Dragon’s Den. They have a proven track record and outstanding reputation amongst performing professionals, principals, teachers, parents and most importantly – children! STARCAMP leads the way in how performance is taught to children and at our camps the aim is maximum enjoyment while making each child feel truly special.

Starcamp is Irelands only Nationwide Performing Drama Summer Camp.

STARCAMPS’ Virginia summer camp offers endless, exciting and fun opportunities to all who partake!

 Virginia Summer camp

And there is so much more going on that you wouldn’t believe…… Make sure to follow us on facebook so that you won’t miss out! and and

Why not join in the Singing, Hip Hop, Acting, Dance, Teamwork, Fun and Games at Starcamp’s Virginia summer Camp this Year!

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