Survey on Children’s Confidence Results 2023


Synopsis of Survey:

  • Over 66% (two thirds) of parents said that they would like their children to be more confident.
  • When asked if parents would like the school environment to be changed in any way, (they were allowed to choose up to 2 options), only 6% believe that the it is fine as is.  64% believing more life skills should be taught in school. 52% would like to see more creativity, 32% would like to see more emphasis on their holistic development, 10% would like to see more sport.
  • 97% believe that it is very important that life skills such as hand shakes, resilience and the importance of losing be taught to children.
  • 75% of those whose children use devices believe that it has a negative effect on their confidence.
  • 42% of parents admit that they problem solve for their children too much.
  • 40% of children do daily jobs, 39% occasionally do tasks at home with 21% of parents wishing that ther children would do more.
  • When asked what parents wished as the top trait for their children, 40% chose resilience 35% chose confidence, 13% chose being sociable, 5% chose street smart, 3% rated creativity as the most important trait, 2% chose academic excellence and 1% chose being sporty.
  • 43% would like if their child’s social skills were better.
  • When asked about their children’s anxieties and worries, a very concerning 13% of parents said that their primary school child suffered from anxiety. A further 38% said that their child worries too much, with less than half, 46%, stating that their child had normal worries in life (a further 2% that don’t seem to worry about anything).
  • 85% believe that group activities (such as performance / sport) are extremely important in their child’s development, a further 14% find it important. Less than 1% state that it is of no importance.