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Hi everyone,

I’m Freddy Fyffes and I’m totally bananas about bananas! We are delighted to be part of STARCAMP Summer camps again for 2017. Together, STARCAMP and Fyffes want to ensure that your children are healthy and happy – the perfect combination! I have been created to appeal to children as a banana character. I appear on our packs of Freddy Fyffes bananas – specially selected for children and just the right size to fit into a lunchbox.We hope to make the banana more appealing to children and to encourage youngsters towards their 5-a-day .

We’d love you to check out our website for child friendly recipes, games and further information.
We look forward to giving away prizes in association with STARCAMP and having lots of fun over the coming months!


Bananas like me grow on giant green plants that can get as high as 16 feet, that’s almost as tall as an adult giraffe!
The plants I grow on may look like trees to most people, but the trunk, or rather stem, is actually made up from leaf stalks that roll around one another. Oh, and to make sure we stay super healthy (and tasty) our farmer friends spend all year looking after us.

When the Freddy Fyffes plant is old enough it produces a big purple flower.
The beautiful flower also bends over and underneath its petals you can see tiny bananas; that’s me as a baby banana. Don’t I look cute? The tiny bananas turn upwards towards the sun and they stay pointing that way until they’re fully grown – which is why I’m curved and not straight.

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